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Some of the most important parts of life are the ones we rarely think about. That is, we rarely think about them until something changes, or they’re gone entirely. In practically every day of our lives, we move from room to room and house to building, and even from home to car and back again. The way that this process is made easiest is through having working, functional keys, and the way to ensure that happens is through ABC Lock & Key

Serving the Nashville area for more than 16 years, we are your trusted and professional locksmiths of choice. From residential services and re-keying to commercial and automotive practices, our locksmiths can do it all. We are a Top Rated Local® locksmith company that’s committed to bringing you the best in your lock and key needs. Find out everything you need to know about changing locks and keys, and contact ABC Lock & Key to get started.

Changing vs. Rekeying Locks

ABC Lock & Key offers many locksmith services, and can help you in a number of ways when it comes to car and motorcycle keys, as well as residential and commercial services. Before going into further detail about when to change locks and when to rekey, it’s important to understand what both of these services entail.

Changing Locks

As the name would have it, changing locks involves changing the actual lock that’s attached to a door. This means removing the lock from the door, and replacing it and the keys entirely. There are many instances that could end up in needing locks changed, but one of the most common is in the events of home renovation or difficult locks.

Rekeying Locks

Each modern-day lock consists of several parts. There are pins, pin tumblers, springs, and a general cylinder comprising the main part of the lock. In rekeying, this involves removing the cylinder from within the lock, and replacing the cylinder. A new and corresponding key lines up with the cylinder and the pins, which results in a new inner part to the lock. The exterior lock itself is still in place, it’s just the inside components which have changed.

When to Change or Rekey Locks

There are several instances that would be a great reason to rekey or change your locks, and no matter which scenario resonates most with you, Nashville’s locksmith experts are here to help. See some of the examples where changing or rekeying locks would be most beneficial.

Difficult Locks

It’s entirely common to buy an older home, and for great reasons. Sometimes older homes can be more affordable in terms of upfront costs; not to mention, there can be incredible and charm and history in an older home. This all changes, however, when your home’s locks are not as functional or efficient as they should be. Ideally, a lock should never gives us trouble, it should never be something we have to explain, and any jiggling of keys or applying pressure in any variety of scenarios just shouldn’t exist. If you have an older home, you can often come across difficult or “sticky” locks, which is a great example of when to change the locks. If you’re interested in preserving the integrity of the home and associating locks, consult with our Nashville and Brentwood locksmiths to see if rekeying is an option. More concerned about just making leaving and entering your home an easy process? Work with ABC Lock & Key to get your locks changed.

Home Renovations

Whether you bought your house a few years back or built it a decade or two prior, you’ll likely need to take on some renovations at some point during your home ownership. Renovations are an important part of being a homeowner, and are an essential way to not only maintain your home, but to increase its value. See some of the ways home renovations might require rekeying or changing your locks:

Patio or Sliding Door

Building out that deck you’ve always wanted, or adding an exquisite sunroom for the family to enjoy can mean changing up your back patio doors. Adding a sliding door or a new door to get outside is an excellent way to complete the project, and will of course require the appropriate locks to be installed. In the case of lock installation, this is a great time to contact your local locksmith.

Updated Bathroom

Whether you’re going for a more modern, minimalist bathroom or are gearing towards something more colonial and classic, changing your locks to match is key. The last thing you want is to have this perfectly coordinated ambiance, only to be disrupted by a mismatched bathroom door lock. Keep everything in the same lane style-wise, and you’ll see the difference. Our locksmiths can help you install exactly what you’re looking for!


Redesigning your bedroom goes right along with the bathroom theme of locks. Specifically, sometimes certain homes come with bedroom doors that come without locks; if you’re looking for more privacy, getting the proper lock installed is an excellent time to contact our locksmiths. Conversely, you might have a bedroom in your home with a lock on the door, but you might not want a child to have that kind of lock for safety reasons. Update the locks to make everything fit your lifestyle and look of your home as a whole.

Home Entrance

n the 21st century, there are countless options for entering your home that don’t require the traditional lock and key. Whereas many find comfort in the tried-and-true methods of generations past and present, others may look to the future to stay more current in locking trends. ABC Lock & Key offers push button wireless lock options for homes, which could be the perfect next step for your home entrance. It’s a seemingly small detail, but in the world of home renovation, the details add up.

Key Ownership

Another big realm of changing or rekeying your locks falls back on key ownership. You very well might have a copy of a key somewhere, with someone, in a situation where they no longer require your key copy. For example, apartment complexes commonly rekey the locks after a resident moves out. This is because they give a new copy of keys to new residents, thus forbidding the old keys to be used (or more so, the copies of old keys to be used). For whatever reason, if you don’t want an existing copy of your key to be used, this could be a great time to contact our locksmith experts to help rekey your locks.

When to Call

Many of our services for changing locks and rekeying can be delegated to a specific time and place. As is true with many of the above situations, these are events that don’t require immediacy. However, there are a number of instances where time is slightly more of the essence—fortunately, ABC Lock & Key can be there to help.

Broken Key

It might seem like a freak occurrence, but it happens far more often than you think. If a key breaks off inside of your lock, this is definitely a time to call our locksmith. Our specialists are skilled in broken key extraction. Whether your key broke off inside your car, motorcycle, or home, we can be there to remedy the situation.

Lost Keys

Losing your keys can be a tricky thing to maneuver. On the one hand, there’s a chance they might show up; on the other, we often need our keys and can’t wait for the possibility of their appearance (which is never a guarantee). If you’ve lost your car keys or home keys, this is a great opportunity to call a locksmith to get rekeying or lock changing services. We recommend prioritizing time and urgency when dealing with lost keys. If you’re pretty sure your lost keys are somewhere on a hillside from a forest hike, or might be at the bottom of a lake, save the debate and just give our locksmiths a call. If you just saw them a minute ago, or think they might be somewhere in the path you took while running errands, retrace your steps and contact people/businesses accordingly. No matter what the result is, you can bet that ABC Lock & Key is ready to assist

Stolen Keys

It’s a bit less common for keys themselves to be stolen, but purses or wallets are common targets, and usually a vehicle for the keys as well. Regardless of if you have a replacement set or not, you’ll likely need to contact our locksmiths. In the event you have a spare set, you very well may feel comfortable just getting a duplicate made—if that’s the case, stop by our storefront to get a backup set of keys made! If you’re worried about your home being at risk for a break-in, rekeying your locks is a great option that can help put your mind at ease. Your security is our first priority, and our locksmiths would be more than happy to help.

Locked Out

That sinking feeling many of us have felt after realizing we’re locked out is kind of the worst. This can quickly be remedied through utilizing our residential locksmith services, which include assistance in house lockouts! In this case, you probably don’t need rekeying or having the locks changed, but our locksmiths can still be of great use in getting you back on track. Give ABC Lock & Key a call for any house or car lockout situation!

Services Overview

You know that our locksmiths specialize in changing locks and rekeying locks in the greater Nashville area, but to what capacity? Our services overview will explain exactly where you can get assistance, in multiple realms of your life.

Residential Locksmith

From house lockouts, changing locks, rekeying services, to deadbolt installation and so much more, our locksmith services will serve as a complete asset to your house and home. We are proud to offer emergency services, as well as assistance with any of the aforementioned house renovation projects. For lock repair, replacement, and everything in between, contact your Top Rated Local® locksmith experts at ABC!

Commercial Locksmith

As a business owner, you know better than anyone the amount of responsibilities already on your plate, and how little spare time you have. You need to devote your time to your business, which is why a quick call to ABC Lock & Key can make all the difference. We offer door closers, panic bar installation and repair, disablement of old keys and creation of new ones, master key system set up, and so much more. Learn more about our commercial locksmith services!

Automotive Locksmith

Whether you are locked out of your car or need a new key made, our Nashville locksmiths are exactly the experts you need to call. We can work with key FOBs, high security car keys, broken car key extraction, remote keys, and everything in between. If something happens with your car keys and locks, know that our locksmiths can nearly always be of assistance. As always, our locksmiths can provide emergency services as well. Whether you accidentally locked your keys in your car, your house key broke off, your keys were stolen, or any other scenario, changing locks and rekeying does not have to wait. No matter when your key emergency happens, know that you can rely on ABC Lock & Key.

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We use keys and locks daily; they make up so much of our routine, that we only notice when something is awry. Your need to change locks, whether they’re broken, in need or repair or replacement, should be a priority. At ABC Lock & Key, we believe this is a priority, because we put your safety and security as our main motivation. When you’ve served the greater Nashville area as long as our locksmiths have, you know that you’re getting trusted services that bring unparalleled care and professionalism. The next time you need your locks changed or rekeyed, know that our locksmiths are what you deserve. Call us today to get started!